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Yong Kang Wankai hardware, for your dedicated service! Welcome to call our hotline: 0086-579-89298303 
        Established between the company and its customers are long-term partnership, rather than a simple buyer-seller relationship, we will continue to work together with customers and common development. All operating systems,management systems, strategic planning, mission, vision has one of the most fundamental core, is both a profit. The only source of profit is the customer, so to meet customer demand for the highest operating principle of our business operations. Customer satisfaction is checked only the starting point and standard of our work. 
        Asked to provide hotline services, mail reply, procurement bargaining, ordering online consultation, but also continue to strive to provide professional services to support the co-operators. In order to achieve the construction of a first-class customerservice centers, training first-class customer service professionals, together with Wan Kai vision progress and grow together.Excellent customer service management team and professional customer service staff will provide you with a comprehensivethoughtful and timely quality gold service. 
        In order to enable designers to continuously improve their personal skill level, to provide customers with morecomprehensive services, our company every month for professional designers and technical training, and ad hoc technical assessment. Work schedule arranged by the customer. In order to refine our services, our company implement regionalmanagement, full-time person to provide services for each customer, so that each engineer can wholeheartedly for the customer's own service area. 
        Professional service allows you to Gao Chen worry! 

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