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  • How to choose a good frying pan?
  • the frying pan is one of the indispensable part of modern kitchen utensils in the frying pan, but need to use a large number of oil in use, the fire is often very busy, food stalls in the above is not easy to stick, is easy to...
  • New concept pots in the kitchen
  • pan, daily necessities, china people least not mention pot, people want the most is the iron pot, in fact, with the development of society, the improvement of pot can change, especially when the housewives are paying more and ...
  • National food safety risk assessment center announced stainless steel cookware risk assessment results
  • the stainless steel cookware manganese content exceed the standard problem has been whether the general public concern for the last time. aiming at this problem, expert of the national food safety risk assessment center recent...
  • How to choose Stockpot?
  • stockpotis people daily kitchen supplies with more of a product. on the market at present is a great variety of soup pot, diverse styles, price level. when soup pot of choose and buy, will give the customer a feeling of dazzlin...
  • How to use the new Bakeware is the best?
  • 1:bakewarehave black is painted with non-stick coating, general, row are no relationship, and it has a high temperature resistant requirement, wouldnt fall paint is generally not more than 380 degrees, it is best not to use, a...
  • The role of the Frying Pan
  • frying pan, cheap, general health and induction cooker and a gas stove. cast iron frying pan just began to pay attention to maintenance, and use it every time you dont brush too clean after using it, leave some oil, then dried...
  • Warmly celebrate WanKai hardware website officially opened!
  • warmly celebrate our company website officially opened, welcome new and old customers click preview. my companys main products are:stockpot,bakeware,frying pan,forged pot. if there is any need please contact us, we will se...
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